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Student Voices | American Graduate

NPT has been working with at ­risk students to learn what they see as the obstacles standing between them and high school graduation. Issues like skipping class, working long hours outside of school, destructive relationships, family problems and learning disabilities are just a few of the hurdles that stand between high school students and their diplomas. In these videos they describe their experiences and offer some first hand perspective on what it takes to get an education.

A Mother’s Love

Teen pregnancies are rife with challenge. From the social, emotional and academic toll to the often tragic health risks.

A Sporting Chance

Sports can be a powerful motivation for keeping kids in school and out of trouble.

Having A Child

Of the many challenges facing teen parents, finishing their education is among the most important yet daunting tasks.

Head In The Game

During his sophomore year, Elijah thought he might have fallen too far behind to graduate from high school.

I Can Be Somebody

Working long hours at an after school job puts students at greater risk of dropping out.

I Felt Judged

Students with learning disabilities have life and career goals similar to students without learning disabilities.

It Takes A Village

Everything seemed to be working in Alma's favor until she was unexpectedly separated from her parents.

My Name Is Henry

Like many LGBTQ students, Henry nearly dropped out of high school due to harassment and discrimination.

My Support System

By the age of seven, Charles had lost his mother to drugs and his father to prison.

Never Give Up

Nazje is a top student at Stratford STEM Magnet High School in Nashville, TN.

Teen Father

Like a majority of teen parents, Elijah didn't expect to father a child while still in high school.

The Wrong Crowd

A student at one of Nashville's non-traditional high schools talks about his early academic struggles and the wayward pull of negative peers.

To Be Homeless

As a teen parent, Michael struggled to support his young family.