Nashville Public Television is available for free and over the air to nearly 2.4 million people throughout the Middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky viewing area, and is watched by more than 600,000 households every week. <NPT’s long- running series Tennessee Crossroads and Volunteer Gardener are among NPT’s most watched programs.  Since 1998, NPT’s local documentaries have won 40 Mid-South Regional Emmy awards.>

Reasons to Support Nashville Public Television
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Business sponsorship, or underwriting, is much more than traditional advertising. It is a marketing opportunity that allows you to align your brand and products with the high impact non-commercial programs we air on NPT.

NPT delivers influential and affluent viewers who are hard to reach on the cable and broadcast competition, and who are loyal to the sponsors who bring them the programming they love.

Your business will be presented across all of Middle Tennessee using sight, sound, color, motion and emotion, which only the powerful medium of television can provide.

Targets by Interest
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  • Leverage our programming genres to increase visibility with those most inclined to use your products or services
  • Delivers Return on Your Investment
  • 66% would choose to buy a product from a company that supports PBS/NPT, all other things equal
  • Builds Brand Loyalty and Trust
  • 57% agree that underwriters are usually industry leaders
  • Cultivates Clients and Consumers
  • 46% of PBS/NPT viewers have bought a company’s products or services in the past because they appreciated their charity or involvement in the community
  • Shows Your Good Business Citizenship
  • 68% of PBS/NPT viewers feel that business or organizations who fund PBS/NPT have a commitment to quality and excellence
  • Source: Harris Interactive study

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In the minds of our viewers, NPT is recognized for and strongly associated with quality, excellence, respect and entertainment.  As a business sponsor, there are qualities that viewers associate with you!



Engage Middle Tennessee through NPT’s Unique Marketing Platform

As a subscriber to the Nielson Rating Service, NPT is the only non-profit that can absolutely quantify how many people will see your contributor recognition.  A sponsorship package can be tailored to compliment your marketing goals and to help ensure that you reach your target audience.  


NPT Sponsorships are designed to:

  • Develop awareness for institutional or product names
  • Build good-will and demonstrate good corporate citizenship
  • Establish a favorable presence in the community

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